Is Cannabis on the Path to Full Legalization?

In early January, US Attorney General Sessions rescinded the Cole Memorandum and that set off a political firestorm. States where cannabis is legal became concerned with how the federal government would treat this emerging market. Today we look at recently proposed legislation and its potential impacts. As always, if you have any questions about your […]

The City of Sacramento Adopts Residential Cannabis Restrictions

A word from Keith Dunnagan: Today we examine the role of the adoption of Ordinance No. 2017-0047 by the City of Sacramento. This ordinance sets the parameters of what is legal with respect to residential cannabis grows within the City of Sacramento along with the penalties for violating this ordinance. As always, if you have any […]

SELLER FINANCE: Risks and Rewards When Cannabis is Involved

By Steve Beede, Founder/Counsel In 2016, we published a series of Articles on the challenges of leasing real property when the occupant may be using, cultivating, or distributing medical marijuana (“Cannabis”). However, since then California has passed a law legalizing recreational marijuana which has greatly expanded both the potential use as well as the business […]
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