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  • Understanding a Real Estate Agent’s Fiduciary Duties

    Today, we kick off our series on a real estate professional’s fiduciary duties. Each real estate broker or salesperson acts as a fiduciary to their clients. But do all the parties really understand what this means. Over several weeks we will explore what those obligations look like and how they play out. Stay tuned. As […]

    Home sale under $400,000? An Appraisal May Not be Required Soon!

    Today we take a look at recent Fed action involving appraisals and mortgage lending. The Fed is currently looking at changing the rules related to when a property transaction involving a property under $400,000 is required to have an appraisal completed. Is this a wise decision in today’s market place? Only time will tell. As […]

    Part 2 — When the Agent Can be Compelled to Mediate/Arbitrate

    Today, we conclude our look at when agents/brokers may be compelled to participate in mediation or arbitration. While generally, they must contractually agree to such, in some situations, the court has carved out exceptions to when a party may be required to participate in mediation/arbitration even though they contractually did not agree. It can happen! […]

    DRE Files Accusation Against eXp Realty

    Recently, the DRE filed an Accusation against eXp Realty. In today’s article, attorney Alex Munn explains just how easy to find yourself in trouble with DRE if you are not carefully monitoring compliance. The purpose of this article is to be informative related to compliance issues that the DRE routinely regulates. As always, if you […]

    Moehrl v. NAR — Will this Shakeup the Industry?

    In today’s economy there is one constant: change. Self-driving vehicles. Uber. Amazon. The same is true for the real estate industry. Disruptors like Redfin, Purple Bricks and OpenDoor are seeking to change the way Realtors operate, and how they get paid. Today’s Blog article will examine another attack on the industry – by plaintiffs lawyers […]