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    Today, we depart from our normal COVID updates. As we are moving through phased re-opening many are left wondering what is going on. The course which history has charted has shown us what leadership looks like. How do leaders act in a time of crisis and how have they emboldened and inspired people to greater […]

    Planning for Bankruptcy

    In a time of economic uncertainty, many begin to look for options to resolve financial issues. Each individual’s situation is different and requires a careful analysis of the options and impacts each particular path may take. The US Constitution provides a mechanism for bankruptcy protection allowing individuals to eliminate certain types of debt. Bankruptcy is […]

    Update on Statewide Shelter in Place Order

    Its been nearly seven weeks since the State of California has been put on a statewide shelter in place order. In the past couple of days, the Governor has indicated that the State will begin to move towards a phased re-opening. There is yet much to be learned as to what that will look like […]

    Webinar: Negotiating Leases – Solutions That Can Work For Tenant and Landlord

    Webinar Invitation: We are inviting you to participate in a webinar on Monday, May 4, 2020. Keith Dunnagan along with Lou Catalano, CPA and Dave Smith, commercial real estate broker will discuss strategies commercial tenants and landlords are using involving business leases. This webinar is designed for business owners or commercial landlords to learn about […]

    Update on Local Shelter in Place Orders

    As we near the end of April 2020, it has certainly been an interesting time. I think that is a good way to say that. Many shelter orders that were amended or extended in early April are set to expire. Some counties are extending further others are moving to a different path. Today we look […]
    Business Interruption Insurance COVID

    Failure To Reasonably Investigate Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims Is Bad Faith

    We previously discussed business interruption insurance during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many insurance providers were summarily denying claims without investigation. Recently, the DOI issued a notice requiring investigative compliance and today, Attorney, Robert Enos, explains the issues related to the notice and COVID-19. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, business, estate […]