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  • Understanding Private Road Maintenance

    Understanding Private Road Maintenance By: Trey Van Dyke (3L) August 23, 2022 Individuals may share certain pieces of real property for specified uses, such as using a common driveway to access housing developed on neighboring parcels of land. The shared use of the same property creates what is known as an easement or right-of-way. Ordinarily, […]

    California Passes AB 80 Clarifying Taxability of PPP Loans

    California Passes AB 80 Clarifying Taxability of PPP Loans By: D. Keith Dunnagan, Esq. May 11, 2021 As we all recall early in the COVID pandemic the CARES Act was passed creating PPP loans for struggling small businesses. Many small businesses jumped at the opportunity to take these forgivable loans to help them weather the […]
    Business Interruption Insurance COVID

    Failure To Reasonably Investigate Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims Is Bad Faith

    We previously discussed business interruption insurance during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many insurance providers were summarily denying claims without investigation. Recently, the DOI issued a notice requiring investigative compliance and today, Attorney, Robert Enos, explains the issues related to the notice and COVID-19. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, business, estate […]

    Pending Legislation in the Wake of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 outbreak has sparked immense amount of legislation. Funding bills, eviction and foreclosure curtailments and others are getting constant attention. Today we look at legislation appropriating additional funds for the popular paycheck protection program and bills that have been put forth in California dealing with evictions and foreclosures. In the infamous words of Bob […]