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    In the previous post of this Series, we wrapped up looking security agreements and the primary remedies afforded by the various security agreements and we left off with guarantees. In this installment we will look at guarantees. Guarantees will either be personal or corporate guarantees and this deals only with whether the guarantor is an […]

    COMMERCIAL FINANCING – Part 3: Promissory Notes

    Today, BPE Law Senior Attorney and Co-Manager, Keith Dunnagan, continues his multi-part series on obtaining and using Commercial Financing. BPE’s Transactional Business practice has been growing rapidly. As always, if you have any questions about your business, real estate, estate planning, or any other legal issue, please let us know by e-mailing me at sjbeede@bpelaw.com. […]


    By BPE Law Attorney Elizabeth Arias Governor Brown signed several new laws this year impacting California employers, some of which have already gone into effect and others that will be effective or operative in 2017 or later. Following is a summary of five new laws affecting California employers. (1) Minimum Wage Increase As of January […]


    by BPE Law Senior Attorney and Co-Manager, Keith Dunnagan In the previous post we addressed various avenues to obtaining funds for project, whether those funds come from institutional sources or non-traditional sources. Once you have narrowed the field of where you will seek financing, the borrower will be looking for a letter of commitment from […]

    COMMERCIAL FINANCING – Part 4: Security Instruments

    by BPE Law Senior Attorney and Co-Manager, Keith Dunnagan In the previous posts we have reviewed promissory notes and business loan agreements. The next step is securitization. Very few commercial lenders want unsecured loans. Nearly all commercial loans require some form of security if not multiple forms of security. It is important to understand what […]


    by BPE Law Senior Attorney and Co-Manager, Keith Dunnagan One of the first questions that comes up in any commercial transaction is who will lend the kind of money one needs to complete a commercial project. The answer naturally, is “that depends”. It depends on several factors, including but not limited to what type of […]

    BUSINESS ENTITIES – Part 5: Blended Entities

    by BPE Attorneys Keith Dunnagan and Matthew Kirkpatrick In the last article we discussed limited liability companies and have thus far also looked at corporations and partnership models as well. In this last installment on business entities we will look at what I call “Blended Entities”. In reality all a Blended Entity is – is […]

    UNDERSTANDING “CALEB’S LAW” – AB 2235 by Attorney Matthew Kirkpatrick, BPE Law Commercial Practices Group.

    In 2015, Caleb Sears, a six year old, went to his local oral surgeon’s office for a routine tooth extraction. While under general anesthesia Caleb stopped breathing and suffered massive injuries resulting in his death. At least four other pediatric deaths similar to Caleb’s occurred just last year. These deaths moved Assembly Member Tony Thurmond […]