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  • Medical Marijuana Part 3 – What to do if your existing tenant uses Marijuana

    Here are a few common situations that property owners are now facing: –    Other tenants or neighbors are complaining about your tenant growing or using marijuana on your property; –    On an inspection of your property, you smell marijuana or see marijuana plants growing in the yard or indoors; –    There’s been a break-in at […]

    Medical Marijuana Leasing – Part 1 – The Current State & Federal Laws

    With the growth of the medical marijuana industry in California, we have been receiving numerous questions from concerned clients, investors, and real estate professionals as to whether they should or must lease real estate when marijuana use, or cultivation, or dispensing will be involved. Although this is a huge issue, in this E-News, I will […]

    Setting and Achieving Your Goals for Your Business and Your Life – by BPE Law’s founder and President Steve Beede

    Recently I turned 66, significant as far as Medicare and Social Security are concerned, but in the the bigger scheme of life, just a milestone to evaluate where I’ve come from, where I’m going, and how’s the journey been.  A friend recently asked me how I go about setting and achieving goals for BPE Law […]

    Employer Liability and Flat Fee Legal Services by BPE Law Attorney Elizabeth Arias

    Many business clients are surprised to learn that some employment law violations also carry personal employer liability, meaning that even though the business owner was careful to select the right business entity to protect his/her assets from general liability, just one successful employment law claim against him/her could undo it all.  This is especially true […]

    PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES – Part 3 – Dental Office Name and Leasing

    by BPE Law Attorneys D. Keith B. Dunnagan and Matthew Kirkpatrick In our previous Article, we discussed the business entity options available to dentists when starting their practice. Today we’ll cover naming and leasing issues. Naming Your Practice: An important component of setting up that business entity structure is ensuring that you can operate with […]