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  • COVID-19 and Real Estate Update For April 20, 2020

    Today, we continue with our real estate COVID-19 updates. Placer County recently amended its shelter in place order to allow for in-person showings of real estate and the eviction moratoria continue to change. We will continue to monitor and provide updates as local, state and federal rules, orders, regulations, and laws continue to adapt in […]

    Statewide Rent Control Bill Signed By Governor Newsom

    Last week saw the passage of a significant statewide rent control measure. It is no doubt already creating lots of questions in the real estate investment community. Today, Attorney, Alex Munn, addresses some of the provisions contained in the new rent control law that landlords will need to comply with. As always, if you have […]

    City of Sacramento Adopts Rent Control Ordinance

    On August 14, 2019, the City of Sacramento passed a local rent control ordinance. Today, we take a look at the ordinance and what it will require of the landlords in the City of Sacramento. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, business, estate planning, or any other legal issue, please […]

    Get Out and Vote on This Midterm Election Day

    Today, we pause for midterm election day. In California there are a number of ballot measures and all of the statewide executive positions are up for election. We encourage you to participate in the democratic process and let your voice be heard through the vote. As always, if you have any questions about your real […]