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estate-lawIf you’re searching for expert assistance with estate planning, Sacramento area residents regularly rely on BPE Law Group in Fair Oaks, CA. Estate planning helps to protect your assets and possessions, should you pass away or become unable to care for yourself. At BPE Law Group, we provide comprehensive estate planning services to clients throughout the greater Sacramento region. Our experienced team will take care while preparing your will and trust, advanced healthcare directive, and other essential documents

Do You Need an Estate Attorney?

Many of our clients first come to BPE Law Group simply because they do not know if they need to work with an estate attorney. Some individuals are under the impression that only the very wealthy need to set up wills and trusts, while others believe that the court will take care of the distribution of their belongings through the probate process. However, it is in the best interests of almost all individuals to consult with an estate attorney before making estate-related decisions.

Understanding Estate Planning

Most individuals undertake estate planning in order to avoid probate and gain tax protection. A professionally drafted will and trust, along with supporting documentation, helps to ensure that your family’s hard-earned assets will be protected. Before choosing a law firm, remember that it is important to work with attorneys who have experience and training in estate law. All of the estate attorneys at BPE Law Group are familiar with the complex regulations in this field and will provide the best guidance possible while drafting your estate documents.

Estate Planning for Probate Avoidance

When an individual dies intestate, or without a will, the courts go through a process called probate in order to determine how that individual’s possessions and assets will be distributed. Probate is a process open to the general public, meaning that there is no guarantee that your assets will be distributed as you would have wished. Working with an estate lawyer will ensure probate avoidance and provide you with peace of mind.

Estate Planning for Tax Protection

Estate tax is a hot topic during every legislative session at both state and federal levels. In order to avoid daunting estate taxes, many individuals choose to set up a living trust. A living trust is fully revocable, meaning that it can be changed or invalidated if you choose. A married couple in California can use a living trust to secure tax exemptions that will help them avoid taxes that can currently be as high as 35 percent of the total estate.

Choosing a Living Trust

A living trust is designed to ensure that your real and personal property is managed and distributed according to your wishes. At the heart of a living trust is the trust document, which outlines both estate management and asset distribution. A trust is a binding legal document that the courts will enforce upon your death. Our experienced lawyers will help you design a trust that meets your personal needs and will help you understand how your trust will be enforced.

Estate Administration

When you create a living trust, you must choose someone who will administer the trust. This person is called a trustee. They hold the legal title to all of your personal and real property and are responsible for ensuring that your assets are managed according to your desires. In many cases, our clients serve as their own trustees. This means that you do not have to surrender control of your property and assets when you set up a living trust. Creating a living trust and acting as your own trustee will help you secure tax exemptions and will protect your assets after your death.

Execution of Wills and Trusts

It is essential to work with an experienced lawyer when drafting wills and trusts so that you understand how your will or trust will be executed when you are no longer able to do so yourself. In most cases, you will choose an executor or trustee to take care of these duties. Your estate attorney will help you make important decisions about how these documents will be executed.

Choosing an Advanced Healthcare Directive

During the estate planning process, many of our clients also ask us to draft an advanced healthcare directive. Simply put, this document is about your personal care. It outlines who will make medical decisions for you if you are not able to do so yourself. An advanced healthcare directive also provides instructions for your memorial services and interment or cremation.

If you are interested in speaking with a member of our experienced team about your personal estate planning, Sacramento-based BPE Law Group is available to discuss your concerns. We are conveniently located in Fair Oaks, CA. Please call us today at 916-966-2260 or browse our website for further details.