INTRODUCTION TO EMPLOYMENT LAW by BPE Law Associate Attorney Elizabeth Arias

A great many of our clients create and operate businesses and employ people to staff them. However, this creates challenging issues in dealing with a vast myriad of employment law issues. With the addition of Associate Attorney Elizabeth Arias to our legal team, BPE Law Group has added employment law as a practice area we now offer our business clients.

Elizabeth has several years of experience litigating employment-related matters and advising employers on employment law. Some of her successful resolutions have involved settling wage and hour disputes, claims of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, and working with a school district to provide reasonable accommodations to a staff member with a disability. She is available to counsel and advise employers on compliance with federal, state and local employment laws, as well as handle a wide variety of employment-related litigation. Employment services are individually developed to reflect each client’s business goals and objectives.

Employment law can change rapidly.
The consequences to employers can be quite severe for failure to adhere to federal, state and local employment laws. Not only are there fines and penalties an employer could be subject to, but lawsuits brought by former employees can end in huge damages awards against the employer. This is why it is imperative for anyone who has employees to contact an attorney familiar with these laws to review their current employment policies, manuals, and contracts to make sure they are in compliance, or to discuss employment-related decisions in an effort to avoid potentially disruptive labor and employment disputes.

BPE Law Group is available to assist clients in the following employment-related areas:

– preparation of employee handbooks and personnel policies
– drafting of employment offer letters and agreements
– compliance with wage and hour regulations
– compliance with special statutory protections for the disabled
– drafting of severance policies and separation agreements
– preparation of confidentiality agreements and trade secret programs
– guidance on employee classifications

When disputes cannot be avoided, BPE Law Group is available to represent clients at trial in state and federal courts. The types of employment actions we litigate include:

– employment discrimination
– enforcement of restrictive covenants
– defamation
– employment contracts
– wrongful discharge
– harassment at the workplace
– disability discrimination
– enforcement of trade secrets
– wage and hour compliance

If you have employees and are interested in how BPE Law Group can help you with your employment-related matters, call us at (916) 966-2260 or email Elizabeth Arias at

The information presented in this Article is not to be taken as legal advice. Every person’s situation is different. If you are facing a legal issue of any kind, get competent legal advice in your State immediately so that you can determine your best options.