We Have the Choice of Hope or Fear

Our world has seemed to be dominated by the changing landscape as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Today, rather than look at the legal landscape as it is changing rapidly – we take a look at choice. The choice to live in fear or the choice to seize hope and opportunity. We each have a decision to make. My hope is that we choose to use this time of shelter to prepare for and take hold of the opportunities that are present and those that await.

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We Have the Choice of Hope or Fear
By: D. Keith Dunnagan, Esq.

It seems that for the last month we have spent each hour, day, and week dealing with the changing legal landscape as a result of COVID-19. Maybe that’s because COVID-19 has been the dominant issue over the last month. There has been the shelter in place orders and the impacts to businesses and individuals. There has been the passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the changing employment landscapes in the wake of significant layoffs and business closures. Then there are the impacts to real estate related to the rising tenant defaults, executive order placing a moratorium on evictions and changes to the residential sale processes. Then the passage and implementation of the CARES Act. Needless to say – a lot has been going on and life as usual has not been – well, usual.

Small businesses have been hit extremely hard during these times. As a small business that works with and represents many small businesses in California, we have an intimate understanding of the difficulties they are facing. These will be difficult times and there is no easy way to say that. Having assisted thousands of individuals and hundreds of small businesses during the Great Recession, I neverimagined I would see that level of economic disruption again in my lifetime. But unfortunately, it is here.

But at this point each of us can take one of two paths. Down one path is fear. It leads to certain failure. It is plagued by an inability to adapt or to move forward. It results in the inevitable failure caused by the inability to get back up and fight. In sports it is often said that each game provides either a win or an opportunity to learn and that you don’t lose until you give up. Fear triggers that response to give up. Don’t ever give up.

Down the other path is hope. Hope for a new tomorrow. Hope for a better future. Hope is what can restore. When one latches on to hope, they see the opportunity that lies ahead. They can begin to reposition their business, their social circles, their lifestyle, their networks, referrals, the way they conduct business, and the list goes on. In every crisis, the same thing is presented to businesses big and small. It is an opportunity to fill a new space in the economy or a new social circle or a new network group. Crises and difficulties are full of opportunity for those who embrace creativity and ingenuity.

Now is not the time to wallow in the difficulties this TEMPORARY reality places on our businesses or lives. It is not the time to sit back in fear and wait for somebody to tell us to go. NO, choosing this path or choosing to do nothing leads to certain failure. Now is the time to seize the opportunities that are before us. Now is the time to begin putting in place the processes that will make your business more competitive. Work with your landlords and tenants on leases that are mutually beneficial. Engage with your vendors and supply chains so that you can hit the ground running when the shelter in place orders are lifted and we move to a new normal.

WE EACH HAVE A CHOICE. We can choose to lose in fear. Or we can choose OPPORTUNITY driven down the highway of hope. This economy will get going again. What will you choose? I hope you join us in choosing opportunity.


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