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Working with a professional law firm is the best way to ensure that your legal needs are handled with integrity. At BPE Law, we provide efficient, professional and cost-effective representation designed to best serve our clients and ensure that all of their legal needs are met.

At BPE Law Group, we specialize in addressing the needs of individuals and business leaders in the greater Sacramento region. Whether you need help evaluating a contractor want to know what options you have if you’re upside down on a home loan, we can help you. Our first priority has always been to help our clients navigate through the maze of business, real estate, and estate law.



Stories from the Trenches — Liens on Real Property

Today, attorney, Alex Munn, kicks off our series titled “Stories from the Trenches” a look at real problems we have seen over the years practicing law and the solutions employed. Over the years we have seen things from the mundane to the bizarre. These are some of those stories and how the issues were resolved.

As ...Read More

Understanding the Agent/Broker’s Obligation to Mediate/Arbitrate

We routinely get questions from agents and brokers regarding whether they can be compelled to participate in mediation or arbitration. Today, we look at the leading case of Nguyen v. Tran and how the court resolved that initial issue. In the second installment on this topic we will look at the exceptions to contractual arbitration ...Read More

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