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Working with a professional law firm is the best way to ensure that your legal needs are handled with integrity. At BPE Law, we provide efficient, professional and cost-effective representation designed to best serve our clients and ensure that all of their legal needs are met.

At BPE Law Group, we specialize in addressing the needs of individuals and business leaders in the greater Sacramento region. Whether you need help evaluating a contractor want to know what options you have if you’re upside down on a home loan, we can help you. Our first priority has always been to help our clients navigate through the maze of business, real estate, and estate law.



Understanding Fiduciary Duties – Part 1

Today, we take a look at fiduciary obligations. In this 2 part article we will examine the role and responsibilities an agent has to their client. The role of a fiduciary is complex and requires a loyalty to be given to the client. The question is how does that responsibility play out.

As always, if you ...Read More

Wire Fraud a Growing Concern In Real Estate Transactions

Today, we look at the rise of wire fraud in real estate. With the advancement of technology and its use in the market place, it is more important than ever to take precautions with confidential information. Criminals have concocted schemes to look like legitimate wire instructions related to real estate transactions, when in fact they ...Read More

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