Real Estate Law


At BPE Law we provide comprehensive real estate services. Our real estate clients include developers, investors, businesses, home-owners, brokers and real estate agents. Having assisted more than 7,500 clients with their real estate needs, BPE Law is a go to law firm in Sacramento for real estate advice.

Contract Formation & Disputes

Contracts are a significant part of the everyday real estate life cycle. Whether buying or selling, leasing or investing, developing or constructing or financing you will encounter various contracts. Careful consideration of the issues presented whether financial or environmental is crucial to the success of the contract. The real estate attorneys at BPE Law have significant experience in all facets of contract law and are well versed in the dispute resolution processes should a problem arise.

Eviction Law

It is no secret that California law protects tenants, whether it is through the just cause eviction models or rent control protections. Consequently, eviction law can be difficult to navigate. The real estate lawyers at BPE Law recognize these complexities and are prepared to help you through the eviction process in an efficient manner.

Failure to Disclose

The law in California requires certain disclosures during a real estate transaction. Since the inception of this firm, BPE Law has been one of the leading Sacramento law firms regarding issues related to failure to disclose. It remains one of our largest practice areas and the real estate attorneys routinely are looked to for advice related to the interpretation and application of the failure to disclose laws. Our real estate lawyers when not actively representing clients in failure to disclose matters are routinely sought to teach classes to trade associations, to provide expert witness services, and are asked to provide mediation services involving failure to disclose situations.


The laws governing HOA’s and CCR’s are complex and rooted both in statutes (commonly the Davis Stirling Act) and in contract law. The real estate attorneys at BPE Law have significant experience representing both the developers in creating the CCR’s as well as the residents who live in communities governed by HOAs and CCRs.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Aside from evictions, there are a multitude of other issues that may arise during the landlord-tenant relationship. Whether it involves negotiating or extending a commercial lease or enforcing leasehold covenants or navigating the quiet enjoyment rights of a tenant in possession. Regardless of the issue, the real estate lawyers at BPE Law are here to help you determine your rights, remedies and obligations related to the landlord-tenant relationship.

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Are you currently upside down on your home loan? If so, understanding the impacts of a short sale or foreclosure is critical to your decision making. There are pros and cons to each. Since 2008, the real estate attorneys at BPE Law have counseled over 5,000 individuals related short sales and foreclosure. Let us help you navigate this difficult process.

The BPE Consult

In 2008, in response to the economic crisis, we developed the BPE Consult. We offer a discounted consult for $300 for one hour where we review your situation and discuss rights, obligations, potential liabilities and strategize how to move forward. Over the years, the attorneys at BPE Law have counseled thousands of individuals and businesses on their real estate matters. Let us help you to. Contact our office at 916-966-2260 to schedule your BPE Consult.