By BPE Law Group Senior Attorneys, Alexander W. Munn and Robert J Enos

In 1917, the California Legislature enacted law concerning the licensing of real estate agents. To supervise that licensing a Department of Real Estate was created and licensing commenced in 1923. Over the following decades, various laws were passed establishing procedures for the testing and licensing of Salespersons and Brokers as well as an extensive body of Regulations for the conduct of agents and their possible suspension or license revocation. Needless to say, enforcement actions often put DRE at odds with real estate agents.

By the 1950’s, DRE began publishing the results of disciplinary hearings, perhaps as a warning to agents to be aware of the dangers of inappropriate conduct. By the 1960’s, DRE’s control was extended to include real estate lenders and loan brokerage. In the years since, economic upheavals and the Great Recession led to greater regulation and even more enforcement authority. In 2012, DRE was moved into the Department of Consumer Affairs and was renamed “Bureau of Real Estate”, commonly known since as BRE. Along with this change came significantly increase enforcement powers.

As set forth on their website, BRE’s Mission is to safeguard and promote the public interests in Real Estate Matters through licensure, regulation, education and enforcement. Enforcement is the key word. The BRE has been aggressive in its investigations and prosecutions into realtor “bad acts” which can result in discipline, ranging from a simple fine to license suspension and revocation.

These are serious matters, and the attorneys at BPE Law Group can assist in navigating and defending realtors against accusations brought by the BRE. Senior attorneys Robert Enos and Alexander Munn bring over 40 years combined litigation experience to assist agents needing such services. You can reach Alex at awmunn@bpelaw.com or you can reach Robert at rjenos@bpelaw.com. If you need more immediate assistance, please call our office at (916) 966-2260 to schedule a flat fee Consultation appointment

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