2022 – A Year In Review

By: D. Keith Dunnagan, Esq. and Carl H. Block, Esq.

December 30, 2022

As I look back on 2022 – I ask myself – where did it go. It seems like 2022 just flew by. I feel like yesterday I was writing about 2021 and now we are wrapping up 2022.

It seems as though 2022 was a tale of two stories. Coming into 2022 the housing market was booming. Interest rates remained low, values continued to climb and wall street was racing to new records. As the markets raced up, inflation took off as well. Energy prices, food and fuel hit new highs. In an effort to curb inflation the Fed instituted significant rate hikes and the market responded. By summer Wall Street was declining and housing prices were cooling significantly. As we ponder the financial decisions made, we begin to question when the markets will return to some normalcy. For the last couple years the markets have accelerated at an unsustainable pace.

The California Assembly and Senate were each busy with legislation to make housing more affordable and to increase the availability of housing. An example of a bill to improve housing affordability is SB 197, which allocates additional funds to CalFHA to fund a new equity sharing down payment assistance program entitled the California Dream for All Program plus provides funding for low cost loans to homeowners seeking to construct auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs). Bills that help increase the availability of housing include SB 6 which provides a statutory allowance for housing development projects on a parcel that is in a zone where parking, retail, or office space are principally permitted; AB 2221 seeks to resolve some of the roadblocks to obtaining permits for ADUs; and AB 1410 bans HOAs from placing restrictions on an owner who wants to rent out a portion of their property when the owner still lives at the residence

For BPE, we launched our Washington office and we are providing valuable services to the people of Central Washington to compliment our legal service offerings in California and Nevada. We said goodbye to a few friends and welcomed many more friends to the friendly halls of BPE Law. We are truly grateful for the trust all of you have put in our company and we are honored that you trust us with your legal needs.


Have a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!

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