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  • Rain and Failure to Disclose Claims

    By: D. Keith Dunnagan, Esq. February 6, 2024 You look for that new home, maybe it is your starter home and you stretched financially to get that first home. Maybe, it is your “dream” home; or maybe it is your retirement home. Any way you look at it, you expended significant sums of money to […]

    The Uniform Directed Trust Act in California

    By Debbie B. Jones, Esq. January 30, 2024 California joins 46 other states by enacting the Uniform Directed Trust Act on January 1, 2024. The new statute adds Probate Code sections 16600¬–16632. The California Act will apply to any decision or action occurring after January 1, 2024, regardless of the date the trust was established. […]

    Get a Fresh Start to a New Year

    By Debbie B. Jones, Esq. January 16, 2024 January is a good time to check your financial situation. Make sure all of your investment accounts, 401ks, IRAs and Life Insurance policies have designated beneficiaries. It is also a good time to create your Estate Plan or review your existing Estate Plan with an Estate Planning […]

    Looking Forward to 2024

    By: D. Keith Dunnagan, Esq. January 9, 2024 Every year we take an opportunity to look forward to the New Year and 2024, promises to be an interesting year. A main question will be focused on how will the real estate market perform this year? 2023 saw higher interest rates and significantly reduced number of […]

    Happy Holidays – 2023

    On behalf of all of us at the BPE Law Group, P.C., we wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season and a memorable New Year.

    2023 – A Year in Review

    2023 – A Year in Review By: D. Keith Dunnagan, Esq. December 21, 2023 As I look back on 2023 – I do so with mixed emotions. 2023 was a year of both tremendous difficulty and incredible highs. Many of you know that for me personally, 2023 started off with the passing of my father […]

    Settlement Agreement Terms in Commission Lawsuits Approved by Court

    By Trey Van Dyke November 21, 2023 If you’re keeping up with our coverage of the line of commission lawsuits across the country, you’ll recall that several national real estate companies settled with the class-action plaintiffs a month-or-so before trial commenced in the first case. The parties that did not settle: National Association of Realtors®, […]

    Honoring the Accomplishments of BPE Professionals 2023

    November 20, 2023 Today’s blog is different than normal. We want to take time to acknowledge the professional accomplishments of some of our team members. George “Trey” Van Dyke passed the California State Bar, and will be taking a position as an associate attorney for the BPE Law Group after he is sworn in as […]