Introduction to California Probate: Part 1 by Benjamin H. Eagleton

Today, Benjamin Eagleton, an attorney in BPE Law’s Estate Planning practice, begins a multi-part series on the ins and outs of a California Probate. Most people, in one way or another, have been involved in, or know someone who has been involved in a Probate proceeding. However, unless you’re a Probate Attorney, it’s a process […]

Emerging Trends for 2018

A New Year, 2018 As we enter the new year, we ponder what business opportunities or hurdles may approach us and our clients in the new year. 2017 ended with significant changes to the real estate and business landscape. 2018 brings new opportunities and opens the door to new market areas while at the same […]

Holiday Adventures for You and Your Family

The Christmas Holiday Season is a time of lights and music, friendship and worship, and the opportunity for family and friends to make new memories together.  Today, Steve Beede will share two of Northern California’s unique Holiday adventures which you may just want to experience for yourself. As always, if you have any questions about […]

Guide to Estate Planning – Part 1

As we approach the end of yet another year, many people look at their assets and seek information on ways to preserve what they have and how to provide for their loved ones when they’re gone. That process is called “Estate Planning”. Here at BPE Law, we’ve been providing Estate Planning services to our clients […]

Status of Property Tax Portability

Many of our clients have asked us about what happens to their Property Tax when they move. This Article should help clarify the current status and pending legislation to expand it. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, business, estate planning, or any other legal issue, please let us know by […]

A Thanksgiving Wish

In this Thanksgiving Week, we share with you our Thanksgiving wish for your and your families as well as words and music of inspiration that we hope will be as meaningful to you as they are to us. Have a wonderful, safe, and memorable Thanksgiving. As always, if you have any questions about your real […]


Today, we continue our Series entitled Anatomy of a Non-Disclosure Dispute with Part C – Alternative Dispute Resolution. At BPE Law Group, we have represented hundreds of buyers, sellers, agents, and inspectors in these very contentious legal disputes. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, business, estate planning, or any other […]
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