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  • Part 2 — When the Agent Can be Compelled to Mediate/Arbitrate

    Today, we conclude our look at when agents/brokers may be compelled to participate in mediation or arbitration. While generally, they must contractually agree to such, in some situations, the court has carved out exceptions to when a party may be required to participate in mediation/arbitration even though they contractually did not agree. It can happen! […]

    Liquidated Damages and the RPA

    Today we continue our series on the CAR contracts and look at how to effectively cancel a contract and liquidated damages when the buyer breaches the agreement. The RPA has a very defined process that a seller must utilize before canceling a contract. Failure to properly use the contractual procedure can be troublesome for a […]

    Contingencies and the RPA

    Today we  continue our series on the CAR contracts and look at how contingencies work under the RPA.  The contingency sections of the RPA provide both significant benefits and responsibilities for buyers and sellers and it is important to understand how they are applied. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, […]