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Gov. Newsom Makes Housing Shortage a Priority in Budget Proposal

Today, we take time to look at Gov. Newsom’s recent budget proposal as it relates to housing shortages in California. The shortage of affordable housing has long been a problem and today we look at some of the implications of Gov. Newsom’s recent remarks related to addressing housing shortage in California. As always, if you […]

Looking Forward in 2019

As we take in the time to ring in the New Year, we look forward to the market opportunities and legal changes ahead. There are several key legal changes that will impact businesses, real estate and estate planning goals. Here are some that we are watching. As always, if you have any questions about your […]

Happy New Year 2019

On behalf of all of us at BPE Law Group, P.C., we wish you and your family a Prosperous and Memorable New Year. New Year’s Day is filled with countless traditions from watching the Rose Parade, determining your new year’s resolutions, watching college football bowl games, setting business and personal goals for the upcoming year […]

Happy Holidays

On behalf of all of us at BPE Law Group, P.C., we wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season and a Memorable New Year. The attorneys of BPE Law Group, PC. have been advising our clients on real estate and business issues for over 20 years and have been very involved with Property […]

2018 – A Year in Review

Today, we take time to look and reflect on some of the legal changes in 2018. From cannabis, to the Dynamex and Black Sky decisions, to the mid-term election results. Many interesting things happened last year and we expect more to come next year. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, […]


The Christmas Holiday Season is a time of lights and music, friendship and worship, and the opportunity for family and friends to make new memories together. Today, we will share some of Northern California’s unique Holiday adventures which you may just want to experience for yourself. As always, if you have any questions about your […]

Understanding Fiduciary Duties – Part 1

Today, we take a look at fiduciary obligations. In this 2 part article we will examine the role and responsibilities an agent has to their client. The role of a fiduciary is complex and requires a loyalty to be given to the client. The question is how does that responsibility play out. As always, if […]

Wire Fraud a Growing Concern In Real Estate Transactions

Today, we look at the rise of wire fraud in real estate. With the advancement of technology and its use in the market place, it is more important than ever to take precautions with confidential information. Criminals have concocted schemes to look like legitimate wire instructions related to real estate transactions, when in fact they […]

A Thanksgiving Wish 2018

In this Thanksgiving Week, we share with you our Thanksgiving wish for your and your families. Have a wonderful, safe, and memorable Thanksgiving.   As always, if you have any questions about your real estate, business, estate planning, or any other legal issue, please let us know by e-mailing me at kbdunnagan@bpelaw.com.   Also, remember […]
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