Probate Law

Introduction to California Probate: Part 2 by Benjamin H. Eagleton

As discussed in my last article, depending on the type of property and its value, a Court order and formal Probate proceeding may be necessary. Specifically, real property (a house, condo, apartment, and vacant land) which is valued at or above $50,000 and personal property (jewelry, bank accounts, and securities) exceeding $150,000 of value will […]

Introduction to California Probate: Part 1 by Benjamin H. Eagleton

Today, Benjamin Eagleton, an attorney in BPE Law’s Estate Planning practice, begins a multi-part series on the ins and outs of a California Probate. Most people, in one way or another, have been involved in, or know someone who has been involved in a Probate proceeding. However, unless you’re a Probate Attorney, it’s a process […]
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