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  • Employer Liability and Flat Fee Legal Services by BPE Law Attorney Elizabeth Arias

    Many business clients are surprised to learn that some employment law violations also carry personal employer liability, meaning that even though the business owner was careful to select the right business entity to protect his/her assets from general liability, just one successful employment law claim against him/her could undo it all.  This is especially true […]

    PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES – Part 3 – Dental Office Name and Leasing

    by BPE Law Attorneys D. Keith B. Dunnagan and Matthew Kirkpatrick In our previous Article, we discussed the business entity options available to dentists when starting their practice. Today we’ll cover naming and leasing issues. Naming Your Practice: An important component of setting up that business entity structure is ensuring that you can operate with […]

    PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES – Part 2 – Dentist Business Structures by BPE Law Senior Attorney D. Keith B. Dunnagan

    In our last article, I introduced BPE Law’s new professional practices corporate practice. It is a full service practice representing and assisting dentists and other professionals navigate the laws and business world of California. Today we are going to discuss one of the most important aspects of a professional business entity, the entity structure. California […]

    Introducing BPE Law’s Professional Practices Group

    By BPE Law Senior Attorney and General Manager, Keith Dunnagan The attorneys here at BPE Law have for many years provided sophisticated legal services for their business and corporate clients and it is with great excitement that BPE Law is announcing its full service corporate practice for Dentists and other professionals. Professional practices require specialized […]

    1031 Tax Deferred Exchange – Part 1

    By BPE Law Attorney Matthew Kirkpatrick Clients often come to us with business or investment property that is under-performing.  The client wants to continue the investment but feels that a new property would generate a higher rate of return. The client’s perceived problem is that as soon as they sell the property, they will get […]

    Will the Budget Stalemate Cripple the Economy

    As we should all remember, late in the night on New Year’s Eve, Congress and the President reached a brief stop-gap agreement to keep the Nation operating while they worked on the Budget. Unfortunately, in the months that followed the political infighting stopped any resolution and so, a drastic series of cuts automatically took effect […]


    Since mid-2012, the real estate market nationally and here in Sacramento has been marked by very low inventory of homes for sale. Statistics from local Boards of Realtors indicate that there has been only a three week supply of available homes for sale. These are being chased by a far larger pool of prospective buyers […]